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Why Millennials are Moving to DFW

The Dallas / Fort Worth area is one of the fastest growing metroplexes in the nation, with 400 people moving to the area every day. A large percentage of these new arrivals are millenials. Ranking just behind cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, Dallas was definitely the most appealing destination in Texas for the age group.  So what puts Dallas and Fort Worth ahead of places like Houston, Austin, or San Antonio?


Promising Job Market

Many millennials are moving to a new location in search of a good place to start a career or take theirs in a new direction. While its true that many larger cities present a greater variety of job opportunities, Dallas in particular features a low unemployment rate. With Denton County sitting at 3.9% and Dallas County at 4.5%, both are below the national average.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, every industry saw job growth, with some industries such as Education seeing growth as hish as 3%. Plus, non-farm employment grew by 3.5% overall between February 2016 and February 2017, compared to a national average of 1.7%. For a millennial looking for career opportunities, the DFW area statistically appears to be a solid choice.

Housing Market

In addition to great job opportunities, the Dallas / Fort Worth area has seen its housing market stabilizing throughout 2017. This presents good timing for looking at Dallas as a possible destination. The area continues to grow, both builders focusing on producing more affordable housing options across the area. This should offer even more options as the area continues to expand.

A Millennial Vibe

In contrast to a number of cities across the US, DFW has embraced its appeal for millennials. Convenience in always a driving force for millennials, and the city is encouraging growth in this aspect of the city by developing areas in which residents can easily walk to restaurants, shopping, or entertainment options. While the city could use some work in this area, it is acknowledging this need and pursuing options to make Dallas residents less reliant on cars for daily transportation.


In addition, millennials value diversity and inclusion. With progressive views, DFW appeals to millennials in its welcoming attitude and initiatives for inclusion.


A healthy lifestyle is also a big draw for many millennials, with outdoor activities being crucial to this. Dallas features an impressive park system, with over 400 parks across the area. With a focus on offering even more opportunities for health-conscious habits, DFW puts itself in the spotlight for the large percentage of millennials with those priorities.


Whether you’re a millennial looking to experience everything that the DFW area has to offer, or you want to learn more about the convenience that a home in another area of Dallas might bring, Blake Richards is ready to answer your questions. With over 15 years of experience as a DFW real estate agent, he is happy to share his knowledge of the real estate climate across the city and to use that to put you in the perfect home for your lifestyle.